Judge Jeanine Rips Alex Acosta Over Epstein: He’s ‘Full of Crap, More Interested in His Career’ Than Justice

‘[Alex Acosta], were you shaking when Bill Barr said the co-conspirators should not rest easy?’


PIRRO: “Acosta said he wanted to protect the young women’s anonymity. He’s full of crap again. Every state gives them anonymity. By not notifying them, he violated the victims of crime act. He canceled all the subpoenas. So Acosta, what did you get in that hotel room that caused you to sell the innocent victims to the devil and allow a predator to get away with one year, six months of which he was able to leave 12 hours a day. A pedophile on the loose. Only castration can overcome their predilection. The sheriff and the da let him out of jail every day for 12 hours 6 days a week? Why didn’t you go after that. But the do you Degrasse is the plea Dale protected his co-conspirators from any charge any time in the future without even naming them. Why would any prosecutor tie the hand of law enforcement for crimes committed by pedophiles. Why would you do that? Why were you looking to protect Jeffrey Epstein’s friend. What did you get to give away the deal of a lifetime. And is that why you took the case in the first place, only then to give it back to the guy you took it from? Fast forward to 2019. A new indictment which the southern district of New York, and some of your cases, Alex Acosta are in that indictment. Acosta, were you shaking when bill Barr said he would invalidate the immunity for the co-conspirators. Were you shaking when bill Barr said the co-conspirators should not rest easy? The only way to break this case is to bring those in power to their knees before the federal government. Bill Barr must monitor this case very closely. We already know Epstein was able to walk because of a U.S. Attorney who at best was more interested in his career than doing just at worst was bought by a powerful defense attorney. The American people await your decision. That decision will impact more than just the Epstein case. It will impact our faith in the American system of justice.”

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