Trump: Omar, Tlaib Have Said ‘Some of the Worst Things I’ve Ever Heard Said About Israel’

‘So, how can Israel say, welcome?’


TRUMP: "No, I don’t encourage or discourage. I think that if Israel allowed them to come in for the normal reasons other than those reasons, I really believe that it would be a terrible thing for Israel. I think it would show a terrible sign. They want to do boycotts, they said horrible things about Jewish people, they said horrible things about Israel and Israelis. I think it would be a terrible thing, frankly, for Israel to let these two people who speak so badly about Israel come in. And they have become, amazingly, the face of the Democrats. The Democrats don’t want to do anything to condemn them. If they were — if this were 10 years ago, or if this were maybe a different time or different people or whatever, they would be condemned for the things they have said. They have said some of the worst things I’ve ever heard said about Israel. So, how can Israel say, welcome? I don’t think it would be a good thing for Israel." 

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