Tim Ryan: ‘Steve King Talks Very Similarly as Donald Trump Talks’

‘They are very much aligned with what Steve King says’

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RUHLE: "But congressman, is this about Steve King? This is the guy he’s always been and he’s not backing down. Is this not about, I don’t know, Mitch McConnell, President Trump, leadership and the Republican Party to say, 'Steve, it’s your time?'"
RYAN: "Yeah, well, I mean 'Team Sycophants.' This is what they do. Because Steve King talks very similarly as Donald Trump talks, talking about othering people, invasions, all of these things that Trump talks about. They are very much aligned with what Steve King says. And Mitch McConnell has lost his spine in the last few years to Donald Trump, too, so he is collapsing and folding like a cheap suit. So there is nobody here to discipline anybody.”

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