Jesse Watters Accuses Chris Cuomo, CNN of ‘Hypocrisy’ over Bar Encounter: They Support Maxine Waters, Antifa

‘They supported the Maxine Waters call to arms to get in your face’


WATTERS: "Joining me now fellow Italian Raymond Arroyo Fox News contributor. All right, Raymond, you and I agree that we don’t want people coming up to someone especially when they are with their family out on the street having fun and calling them names and getting in their phase. That kind of mob mentality, we don’t condone that. But you know, just the hypocrisy because Cuomo and CNN, they've supported the Maxine Waters call to arms to get in your face. You know, they've supported this Antifa nonsense that you see in the streets. As a matter of fact Chris Cuomo said that the Covington boy while the adult man was banging the drum in his face, he didn’t walk away and didn't handle himself correctly, so come on!"

(h/t Mediaite

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