Giuliani: It Offends Me that Biden’s Family Made a Lot of Money out of His Public Service

‘If Joe didn’t know that, he’s either delusional or he’s lying’


GIULIANI: “I came home from Washington a couple of weeks ago. Henry is 90 something. Henry is still as smart as he was 30 years ago. So it’s not age, but some people get, 77, something is going on but finally here is what I’m really worried about Joe. Joe’s family for the last 40 years has made millions and millions of dollars. Over Joe’s public service. Including his son who pulled down millions from Ukraine and billions from China. And the media will not cover it. They were something wrong there. If Joe didn’t know that, he’s either delusional or he’s lying. You can’t have a son who took down a billion dollar investment from China when you were negotiating with China and you didn’t know about it. Particularly a son you are concerned about as he got thrown out of the military for failing a cocaine test.”

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