Hannity on Jeffrey Epstein Bringing Dirt of Prominent People to His Grave: Bill Clinton, How Are You Doing?

‘He was facing a life behind bars’


HANNITY: “Don’t blame him for his but first, this hour, we still of more questions than we do answers and the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein beat as you know by now, Epstein was an altar which while connected convicted. He was facing a life behind bars for allegedly trafficking young Girls all over the world. This was being taken up by the southern district of New York. These are serious prosecutors. And according to “The New York Times” reporter who interviewed Epstein at his Manhattan mansion last year, well, the convicted claim to have a lot of dirt on some powerful people. I was townhouse and have proceeded east side was covered with framed photos of’s liberties, Bill Clinton, Woody Allen, even the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Yeah, and Epstein told the times that he witnessed prominent figures taking drugs and arranging for and Epstein also allegedly stated that criminalizing with teenage Girls was a cultural aberration and that at times in history, it was publicly acceptable.“

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