Don Lemon on ICE Raids: There Is No Room for Shame in the Trump Administration

‘There’s no evidence of any kind of aggressive arm twisting campaign by the president to get a specific piece of legislation’


LEMON: “Stay tuned for that. Here’s what the president is not doing. He’s not doing anything. Not doing anything. Anything about guns. Less than two weeks after 31 people were killed in El Paso and Dayton. A source tells us that the first daughter is talking with lawmakers behind the scenes. And you know how that tends to work out. Let me explain. Remember the Paris climate accord? Remember her reported displeasure with the send her back chant? Remember when she tried to get her father to stop the family separation policy at the border? You remember how that worked I digress. The president claims Republicans support him on strengthening background checks. There’s no evidence of any kind of aggressive arm twisting campaign by the president to get a specific piece of legislation. Here’s what he is doing. Pushing an immigration policy that would make the statute of liberty hang her head in shame. There’s the poem. You remember it. Give me your tired your poor, your huddle masses yearning to breathe free. Your teaming shore. Send these the homeless. Lift my lamp beside the golden I said this president’s immigration policy is is cruel it would make her hang her head in shame. It seems there is no room for shame. In this administration. Just listen to Ken. Rewriting that famous poem. The one people around the world think of when they think of.”

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