Anderson Cooper: America Used To Be Able to Rely on the President to Tell Them What Was Happening

‘Today in fact the president defended his conspiracy mongering’


COOPER: “Death of Jeffrey Epstein. No evidence. No facts. Just this guy tweeting it out. Now, if you were the most powerful person in the world and had briefing books to read and decisions to think about and grieving families of victims of gun violence to call and console or even I don’t know, a wife and young child to maybe spend a little time with, what would you do when you read that tweet? I mean, you might read it and if you were, even on Twitter, that’s to say and then you would probably go about your important work but this president doesn’t think that way and apparently doesn’t have either the courage of imagination to come up with this sleazy unfounded conspiracy theory on his own so instead, he takes the time to retweet the sleazy unfounded tweet, which is fine. It’s something he did in the spur of the moment and maybe thought better of it and moved on and felt bad about it beneath the dignity office, not presidential. But no. Not this president. Today in fact the president defended his conspiracy mongering by describing the source of the tweet and how respected he is.”

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