Tim Ryan: There Will Be Consequences at the Ballot Box If Gun Control Law Is Ignored

‘Kids are afraid to go to school’


RYAN: “If it doesn’t happen, there will be consequences at the ballot box.”

COOPER: “You think this is going to — traditionally while this is outraged people, it’s not an issue that was top of the ballot for many people.”

RYAN: “Yeah. I think parents, kids are afraid to go to school. I’m hearing that from a lot of people I know. They’re afraid to go out. I think the video from Times Square when the motorcycle backfired multiple times and people went fleeing, I think that is the state of anxiety in the United States today. And inaction is not acceptable. And so the president could ignore this at his peril, Republicans can ignore it at their peril. The suburbs are moving away from Trump electorally because of his behavior, because of his actions, because of his incompetence and you throw this into the mix, a bunch of moms who are upset that their kids can’t be safe in schools, and kids that are upset about it, I think it’s going to move the needle in the election.”

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