Fox News Highlights How 14 Miles of the New Border Wall Is Already Having an Impact

‘The defense doesn’t stop everybody but it does by agents time’


SCOTT: "As a young agent, I was watching ten people get away for every person we caught, hundreds of thousands of millions of people getting in. And you walk up and down this border now, it feels secure."
LA JEUNESSE (voice-over): "57 miles of new border barrier, 14 miles completed just last week, stretching towards a Pacific Ocean east, according to CBP, and there is more to come."
SCOTT: "This infrastructure freed up 150 agents every 24 hours to be shifted into more remote areas."
LA JEUNESSE (voice-over): "The fence doesn’t stop everyone, but it does buy agents time. These two men found a hole in the secondary fence, but ran back when they saw Border Patrol. However, unable to scale the primary fence without a ladder, they are apprehended in-between."

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