Chris Plante on Chris Cuomo Being Called ‘Fredo’: Calling Him Dumb Isn’t Being Racist

‘It gets more and more absurd’


PLANTE: "Yeah, the danger of anabolic steroids on display, I think. And the idea that calling — look, there are slurs for Italians and most of us know what they are. One of them is not Fredo. I'm fairly expert on the movies, The Godfather movies, calling someone Fredo is an insult, you're calling them stupid, you're calling them incompetent, you're calling them bumbling and certainly all those terms apply to Chris Cuomo. I think he's demonstrated that again and again. The idea that it’s racist, you know, you support controlling our southern border, you're a racist, you support reducing government spending. You're a racist. Now you call Chris Cuomo dumb and you’re a racist? Honestly, he's playing the Italian card, that's what's happening here. It gets more and more absurd. I think they’ve worn the word down to a nub, at some point we're just going to have to eliminate it from the lexicon and come up with a new word."

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