Washington Post Reporter Fact Checks Fox News on Trump and Trade: Four False Statements in 90 Seconds

‘You’re not hearing companies say they’re worried about China or that China impacted the bottom line’


DEANGELIS: "Good morning to you. Well, it's interesting because there's been a narrative here with two sides. On one side you have the President saying tariffs are a good thing, China is paying them. On the other side you have the opposition saying well, there's no evidence that China's actually paying these tariffs and we really think the consumer is going to end up paying them, while the Treasury Department just releasing data that actually bolsters the President's argument. Treasury is saying that so far this fiscal year China has paid us $59 billion in tariffs and that number is up about 75 percent year on year. Now, to put this in context in terms of total federal income, it's only about two percent but it's still a pretty significant number. Now, the $59 billion is hopefully going to be reinvested in businesses and infrastructure to make the United States stronger and less dependent on China, but of course the fear was that Chinese companies were going to hike prices and U.S. consumers were going to be on the hook for most of it. It does seem like that's happening.”

(Via Mediaite)

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