Paul Begala: Sanders Is Attacking Media Because He Needs a ‘Death Star’ Enemy

‘Bernie is Luke Skywalker’


BEGALA: "Bernie is Luke Skywalker. He needs a Death Star. He had that in my friend Hillary. Every day he knew what he was doing. He was going after the establishment and she represented everything he hated in the Democratic Party. It wasn’t easy but it was obvious. Now he doesn’t have that. I thought he would do that with Joe Biden, now apparently it's Jeff Bezos, although he's kind of walking that back. He needs Darth Vader and he looks around and there's nothing but Ralph Nader. He's got to have somebody to go after. I’ve done my share of media bashing, I’m not against it. But they need to give me some specifics, here's a  story that was unfair because of Bezos, and you saw here, he can’t do that."

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