Cavuto to Rep. Collins: Will History Repeat Itself in Hong Kong?

Collins: ‘This is different’


CAVUTO: "That was the hope after Tiananmen Square. The Chinese rolled the dice, cracked down and they figured the world would get over it and they would move on and they did. Do you worry about history repeating itself?" 

COLLINS: "A little bit. But this is different. Inside, they can just sort of swallow up the Tiananmen Square incident, they can just go back into their — again, there’s a different time here. You’re dealing in a much different China than we dealt with back then. And I think that's something to keep in mind. They’re also having now to take into account their position on the world stage, their economic position, and also Hong Kong is very different than something happening internally there in Beijing, so I think it is a little bit different in that regard. It will be very hard to cover this up."

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