Limbaugh: ‘Fredo’ Cuomo Can Dish It Out, Can’t Take It’

‘This turns out to be one of the biggest inside jokes in the country’

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LIMBAUGH: "This is hilarious. This turned out to be one of the biggest inside jokes in the country that drive-by media still doesn't know. They still don't know the origins of Chris Cuomo being affectionately called Fredo. They still don't know, folks. Yet, they claim I'm responsible for the El Paso shooter and I'm responsible for all of the lack of gun control, I'm the guy that's going to prevent Washington from doing it, and they do not know that the reason a guy approached Fredo Cuomo at some bar in New York last night and said hey Fredo, can I have a picture, is because they don't listen to this program, yet they have assigned all of this evil to me.”

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