Pete Buttigieg on Tariffs: The Cost Is Being Paid by Farmers in Places Like Iowa

‘Farmers are getting killed’


BUTTIGIEG: "Well, it just shows that this Administration doesn’t actually care. I think the gap between their words and their actions on workers is now something we’re seeing with farmers, too. Farmers are getting killed. Income's down by about half from where it was five years ago. I meet people every day when I come to Iowa, especially those involved in soy, who are really hurting. And Secretary of Agriculture wants to call them whiners? They’re not whining. They’re asking what their future is going to be. If this Administration pursues trade strategies, basically coming down on their backs. The idea that you can just indefinitely ask farmers to bear the burden of a trade strategy doesn’t even make any sense. This has a cost. And the cost is being paid by farmers in places like Iowa. And just the callous attitude you're getting out of the Agriculture Secretary shows that they don’t really have any understanding of the pain people are going through."

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