Schlapp Defends Trump: Scaramucci Is Obviously Trying To Get the Attention

‘He was an awful leader in the White House and staffers who worked for him always remember that as being a dark time in the White House’


SCHLAPP: "The only one having a nuclear meltdown is Anthony Scaramucci who is obviously trying to get attention. The only way he can do it is to be highly critical of this president. That’s just ridiculous knowing that Anthony Scaramucci couldn’t even keep a job past the 11th or 12th day. In fact, when we were all at the White House, there was that moment where that 11th day would reach and we would say, 'Okay, we survived day 11, day 12, we made it past Anthony Scaramucci’s timeline.' Why? Because he was an awful leader while h was in the White House. The staffers who worked for him always remember that as being a dark time in the White House communications office, which was at a point where he was highly critical of staff, was threatening to the staff, to these young communication staffers who were simply trying to do their work and do the best they can to serve this president. The fact they’re giving him any attention, the media giving him any attention is obviously because the liberal media likes to find this one personality who only cares about himself, doesn't care about America and is more focused about his reputation than talking about the great works that the President has done."

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