Heilemann: Under Trump, Republican Party Is Hostile Towards All Immigrants

‘Look at what’s happened to the Republican Party in the last 20 years in California’


HEILEMANN: “Pete Wilson was voted out and the Republican Party has been on the ash heap in California ever since then. And Newsom’s argument is that’s what’s happening in America right  now with Donald Trump as Pete Willson. For Republican Party, t he alignment that Donald Trump is creating for the party with anti-immigrant sentiments, not just — it used to be, 'Well, we’re against illegal immigration and we’re for legal immigration.' That was the party's historical stance. Now it looks increasingly like under Donald Trump the Republican Party is hostile towards all immigrants. That I think is headed towards a disaster for the Republican Party because immigration is transforming the country and there’s nothing that will stop that. And if you want to see the future of the Republican Party nationally, I think look at what’s happened to the Republican Party in the last 20 years in California. It’s an exact parallel."

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