Fox News Contributor Lisa Boothe: Dems Say Trump Is a Bigot, But Obama Stood Next to Farrakhan

‘You have people like Elizabeth Warren kissing the sharp of Al Sharpton, whose been known as a race-baiter’


BOOTHE: "We have people on the list who have said they’ve had to teach their wife and children situational awareness because they worry about their lives, the danger of being put on this list. I also think it shows that the left has no moral high ground here. Look, they called President Trump a racist and a bigot, but we've looked at President Obama standing side by side with Louis Farrakhan, a guy who said that Jews are termites. You have people like Elizabeth Warren kissing the ring of Al Sharpton, who's been known as a race-baiter. You've had the left stand in solitary behind people like representatives Omar and Tlaib who have been accused by their own party of anti-Semitism. So I think what this shows is the left tries to act like they have some sort of moral high ground in politics, but they don’t."

(Via Mediaite)

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