Gillibrand on If She Thinks Trump Caused El Paso Killing: ‘What I’m Saying Is Words Have Consequences’

‘And the words he has been using have been hateful and divisive and racist’

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BRENNAN: "In talking about white supremacy, you and some of your colleagues and your competitors have been linking the president’s rhetoric to emboldening white supremacists. You said he’s emboldening white sue supremacists his entire presidency and campaign are. You saying President Trump is responsible for the killings in El Paso and Ohio?"
GILLIBRAND: "What I’m saying is that his words have consequences. And the words he has been using have been hateful and divisive and racist. And he has truly emboldened white supremacy and hate crimes across this country. Since President Trump’s been elect, hate crimes have increased certainly across my state and across the country. Against all groups. More racism, more anti-semitism, more white supremacy, more anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, and it’s changing who we are as a nation, and that’s one of the reason I’m running for president. We need a president who will bring us bag together again."
BRENNAN: "In terms of name-calling and putting it in the political context, don’t you think that is ratcheting up the rhetoric rather than having cooler heads prevail?"
GILLIBRAND: "What President Trump has done is ratchet up the rent rig. When he’s at a rally in Florida and someone says, “What are you going to do with immigrants?” And someone shouts, “Kill them, shoot them,” President Trump laughed. So he is not leading us in the right direction. He has used words like “Infestation.” He’s used words like “Invasion.” That is creating a climate where people are literally today fueled by anger and hate, they are hunting down other people using weapons of war. President Trump will not stand up to the N.R.A., will not stand up to the gun manufacturers to get these guns off the streets."

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