Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan: ‘These Aren’t Undocumented Immigrants, They’re Illegal Immigrants’

‘They are here in this country illegally, they’re obtaining jobs illegally’


MORGAN: "I can’t speak to the Department of Justice on how many cases they have. I’m the commissioner of CBP so I’m not involved in those investigations, but what I can tell you is that's exactly what this investigation was about. And again, let’s go back to words matter. These aren’t undocumented immigrants, they are illegal immigrants. They are here in this country illegally. They’re obtaining jobs illegally. So I think words matter. And let’s keep in mind that ICE and during this target enforcement operation, they took extraordinary efforts to make sure that when everyone that was apprehended, they actually had agents dedicating full time during this operation that they did nothing but be prepared to reach out to schools, to reach out to day care.” 

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