CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan on the Girl Crying for Her Dad Detained by ICE: ‘Her Father Committed a Crime’

‘I understand that the girl is upset and I get that’


MORGAN: "How about interview the people — because a majority of time in these cases, these individuals that are here illegally, they also steal identities of U.S. citizens, they get fraudulent documents, Social Security cards and etc. and so it's not just a victimless crime that's going on here. First of all, they are here illegally and then a lot of times there's additional fraud that goes with this for them to try to get these jobs in these companies. So I understand that the girl is upset and I get that. But her father committed a crime and just so the American people know, also, is that girl, had mother was home and she was reunited with her mother within a few hours that night."

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