Ex-GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Goes After Tucker Carlson Viewers: How Many Saw His White Supremacy Comments and ‘Nodded?’

‘My reaction to what Tucker said was: despicable’


WALSH: "You know what, Pamela, my reaction to what Tucker said was despicable. I mean, Tucker said that two days after 22 people were killed by a white supremacist, Tucker Carlson said white supremacy is a hoax. But then I get really sad, Pamela, because 3 to 4 million people listen to Tucker Carlson every single night. And when Tucker Carlson had the nerve to say white supremacy is a hoax, how many of those 3 to 4 million people watching him nodded their heads? That makes me so sad. And that’s -- that's the bigger problem here."

(h/t Mediaite)

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