Hanan Ashrawi: I Want President Obama to Recognize the ‘State of Palestine’

‘I’d like the U.S. to abide by international law’

CAMEROTA: “I mean, the bottom line, Prime Minister Netanyahu would say, it is impossible to have a two-state solution when Hamas won't recognize Israel. Hamas, that is now legitimately part of the government. And that they want to, ultimately in their charter, get rid of Israel. So he says that that's a nonstarter. What do you want to hear President Obama or the United Nations say today about all of this?”

ASHRAWI: “I'd like President Obama and the UN -- the UN has done this; they have recognized the state of Palestine. I would like the U.S. to abide by international law and the will of the international community and international humanitarian law and treat the Palestinians as equals, worthy of protection of the law. And treat Israel as another state, not as a state above the law and outside the law. So as I said, Netanyahu is clutching at straws. He's blaming Hamas now. Well, he's the one who doesn't recognize Palestinian rights whatsoever. He's the one who reneged on every single agreement. He even walked out of the talks, and he's not blamed. But the issue is not to find any excuse to destroy peace and the chances of peace. The issue is to abide by international law and the simplest imperatives of justice and moral responsible behavior.”

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