Heilemann: Trump Donor Base Still Supporting Him After Charlottesville, El Paso

‘We have been calling them out for two years; they’re still there’

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HEILEMANN: “You guys, I’m totally with you on the moral level, but I don’t know what you guys mean by 'You can’t.' This is what Republicans have been doing for the last two years. I mean, this week has been horrific and we have all focused on the extent to which Donald Trump’s rhetoric has fed into the — informed the shooting in El Paso in particular. But every Republican who is like all of these big donors, including this one we’re talking about now, they have been doing this since Charlottesville. How much clearer could it have been? Charlottesville happened and much of the Republican donor class, who as Willie points out, were against Donald Trump in 2016, mocked him privately then and now, or have seen Donald Trump do things that manifest demonstrations of his racism and at a minimum a sympathy for white nationalism or white supremacy, or by some measure his inclusion in those two ideologies, and there’s dozens of them. You know dozens of them, Donny. I do not think — we have been calling them out for two years. They’re still there with him.”

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