Wajahat Ali: Tucker Carlson Has Made White Supremacism Mainstream

‘There might not be enough white supremacists in America to fit in a football stadium, but there is one for Fox News every night’


ALI: "They need to answer why they've given an hour every night to a white supremacist, Tucker Carlson. Because there might not be enough white supremacists in America to fit in a football stadium, but there is one for FOX News every night. His name is Tucker Carlson. If you don't believe me, the leading neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer says Tucker Carlson is 'literally our greatest ally.' He says that Tucker Carlson's show is all of their talking points mainstreamed. So you have to ask yourself if you are a Fox News patron or a supporter, why do you support Tucker Carlson's show when he is literally saying after a mass shooting attack an act of white supremacist terrorism that has killed more than 22 people in El Paso. He uses his platform to say that white supremacy is a hoax. That is so insulting to any person of color, Don, especially black people. Because white supremacy is the original enduring sin of this country. It's an ideology of hate that says that white men in particular are dominant at the expense of everyone else. It has been globalized thanks to the internet and it has been mainstreamed thanks to Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, and the right-wing media infrastructure and right-wing politicians and especially people like Tucker Carlson. So everyone who is watching right now, ask Fox News, do they agree with Tucker's comments? That's two nights in a row. Is white supremacy a hoax? Ask the people of El Paso. Ask the people who were killed. Ask their family members. Ask people of color, and for the love of God, stop it with he's euphemisms of saying that Donald Trump has racial trip-ups and flare ups. I'm tired of it, Don. I'm tired of it. He's a racist. If my colleagues keep saying this, I'm going to call them out. stop with economic anxiety. All of the studies show it's racial anxiety. Confront the number one threat according to the FBI, white supremacy."

(h/t RealClearPolitics)

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