Adolfo Franco: ‘There Is a Double Standard,’ Trump ‘Has Set the Right Tone’

‘People can attack the president and the expectation is the president will not defend himself’


FRANCO: "My gosh, the grotesque things that have been said about the President by the presidential candidates, Joe Biden included, Beto O’Rourke calling him a white nationalist, attributing all this violence to the President and in some cases linking it to him personally, somehow it's okay, it seems, that Democrats can take these pot shots, including Senator Brown who said initially he wasn’t going to meet with the President, and frankly, even that body language that you just ran on the clip here, wasn't just this, well the President was comforting and so forth. There was qualifications to it. I think there is a double standard here. The President, who I think has set the right tone, and I disagree. I think the President's statement was quite eloquent — "

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