Biden: We Have a President Who Encourages and Emboldens White Supremacy

‘His mouthing of the words written for him, condemning white supremacists this week I don’t believe fooled anyone at home or abroad’


BIDEN: “His energetic embrace — the energetic embrace of this president by the darkest hearts and most hate-filled minds in this country say it all. When the white nationalist Richard Spencer celebrated Trump’s election by declaring 'Hail Trump!' at an alt-right conference where the Nazi salute was being used. In Charlottesville, David Duke, the former leader of the KKK, said, 'This is why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take back the country.' After Donald Trump tweeted his 'Go back' screed, a leading Neo-Nazi website said this is the kind of nationalism we elected him for. He knows it. He saw it. And on 8Chan, a haven for radicalism on the Internet where a declaration of hate linked to El Paso shooter was posted, one commentator wrote that Trump is helping normalize the most extreme radical sentiments because his perceived authority carries so much weight. We have a problem with this rising tide of white supremacy in America, and we have a president who encourages and emboldens it."

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