Elise Jordan: Trump Should Be Careful What He Encourages or Invites

Obama’s ‘almost inciting Bush to step in and remind Trump that in aftermath of 9/11 he encouraged people to embrace diversity & not to demonize the Muslim community’


JORDAN: "President Trump should be careful what he encourages or invites, because you know, by acting that way about President Obama’s comments, he’s almost inviting President Bush to step in and remind President Trump that he in the aftermath of 9/11 encouraged Americans to embrace diversity within the country, not to demonize the Muslim community, to work together to combat extremism, that Muslim allies were our partners in the fight against terror. And the message was the exact antithesis of the hate that Donald Trump espouses on a daily basis. If you go back and you listen to the beautiful speech that President Bush gave at the national cathedral, in the aftermath of 9/11 it is a message of inclusion and love and uplifting American values in the hardest of times, that that is what makes us truly great nation."

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