Tim Ryan on Gun Control: Republicans Have to Get Their Sh*t Together and Stop Pandering to the NRA

‘And there is a bottle neck in the United States Senate with Mitch McConnell’


RYAN: “You watch videos and see dill lards in the background or a church in the background, and no one feels safe anymore. And there is a bottle neck in the United States Senate with Mitch McConnell. We passed in the house of representatives a few weeks back, background checks. A basic step 90% of the American people support, and the Republicans need to quite frankly get their shit together and stop pandering to the NRA. All the people we saw, they had hopes and dreams. They had plans this week. They were going to do things. They were going to meet with their friends. They were going to meet with their family. They were going to go to church. And now they’re gone because in this country we’re so dysfunctional that we can’t do basic things. And it’s got to stop, and we have to put pressure on Mitch McConnell to start with the background check bill.”

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