Detroit Mayor Duggan: I Resent the Whole 'White Mayor' Talk

'People of Detroit got past that a year ago'

"I resent the whole white mayor talk. I resented it from the beginning and people in this city got past it almost a year. I got a phone call from Mark O'Malley, the mayor of Baltimore who is a Caucasian in a largely African-American city. And it was a very nice gesture. I've got somebody I can talk to. People in Detroit, see me as a Detroiter who can make their life better. People on the national scene who are writing some superficial articles, hopefully we are going to get past this soon ... Nice message from Vice-President Biden, the White House is looking to be very supportive which is very reassuring. And in the next 48 hours I'm going to sit with Mayor Bing, Governor Schneider and Emergency Manager Orr and see if we can build partnerships."

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