MSNBC: Even When Trump Gets Tough on Russia, He Still Gives Gifts to Putin

‘Do you think Putin is happy today?’


KUBE: “You're absolutely right, Hallie. The Trump Administration announced back in February that they intended to withdrawal from this decades old INF Treaty which bans, as you said, ground-based ballistic missiles that fly a certain distance, shorter and intermediate range ballistic missiles. They announced back in February, but said “Look if Russia will come back in compliance, they have six months” Well, that’s today, August 2nd was the deadline. There were no indications over the last six months that Russia was moving back into compliance, ‘cause it’s not just that they were not allowed to develop missiles but they were not allowed to deploy them. The international community has recognized for years now that Russia has been in violation of this treaty for years now, so it’s not a surprise they wouldn't be willing to not only stop developing but pull back what is estimated to be hundreds, if not more, of these missiles they have deployed around the world, Hallie.”

(Via NewsBusters)

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