MSNBC Highlights Transgender Man Starting ‘Bathroom Selfie Campaign’

‘We need a lot more of trans people in general’

ROBERTS: "Another story today that's very compelling. A Minnesota transgender man is taking the stand against proposed legislation targeting trans students with a bathroom selfie campaign on social media. It's intended to have high school kids only use locker rooms and bathrooms based on assigned genders at birth. Michael Hughes responded by taking selfies in women's restrooms to show why he didn't belong. The campaign uses the hashtag #wejustneedtopee. I spoke to Michael and asked him why he launched the campaign." 
HUGHES: "I'd been watching the legislation specifically in Texas and Florida for some time and had been involved a little online. You know, commenting and posting on some of the representatives' pages. It's when this bill popped up on my radar here in Minnesota that I became concerned and wanted to get involved and more of an active role, thus giving me the selfie idea. It actually started with a trans woman in Canada who was doing it on that side. So I decided to bring it over here." 
ROBERTS: "The representation of trans men in the media and through Hollywood, how do you think we're doing?" 
HUGHES: "You know, I think we need a lot more of trans people in general. We have some excellent people out there doing some good work. Up until pretty recently when we were depicted in the media, it was usually negative. But there's some real movers and shakers going on. You know, Laverne cox, Ian Harvey, I could go on and on, Alexander Billings. We're getting some real good exposure. But we need a lot more certainly."

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