Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt: Trump’s a ‘Blue-Collar’ Worker from the ‘Rust Belt’

‘They’re both, like, blue-collar workers that have money, but blue-collar’


EARHARDT: "If the economy continues to stay this strong and if he continues to be strong on immigration and the Democrats are not, and you have all these Progressives saying open borders, which is a message that most Americans don’t want. I think it will be hard to beat him. I really do."
DOOCY: "In particular the economy, and just the excitement level. I’m looking forward to this time about a year from now when it will be Donald Trump on a stage vs. one of the Democrats. Who on that stage over the last couple of nights that we have seen can possibly keep up with him in the energy department? He is at a certain pitch that is hard to duplicate in American politics."
EARHARDT: "It's interesting that America is favoring either President Trump or Joe Biden, depending on what party you are in."
DOOCY: "That would be a contrast."
EARHARDT: "They are both Rust Belt people, they're both blue-collar workers. They both have money, but blue-collar."

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