Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s Feigned Helplessness Over ‘Send Her Back’ Chants at Rally

‘That is not what America is about, folks’


[clip starts]
TRUMP: "I can’t tell you whether or not they’re going to do that chant. If they do the chant, we will have to see what happens."
REPORTER: "Will you stop them, sir?"
TRUMP: "I don't know that you can stop people."
[clip ends]
COLBERT: "'I mean, what am I going to do, tell my whole audience to go back where they came from? That is not what America is about, folks. Then the reporters — (Applause) — then the reporters persisted in their persisting."
[clip starts]
REPORTER: "Do you have a message for them now, like before they go in?"
TRUMP: "I do have a message. My message is for the people. Do you know what my message is? I love them. And I think they love me. I actually think they love me."
[clip ends]
COLBERT: "'They love me, they really love me. Or they really hate Mexicans. You know, potato-burrito.'"

(h/t Mediaite

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