Joe Scarborough Goes Off on Dem Debate Attacks on Obama: ‘Give Me a Break! Who Is Advising You?’

‘If you’re thinking you’re getting my vote by trashing Barack Obama’s legacy, you have another thing coming’


SCARBOROUGH: "Barack Obama got hammered. Mika, I’m hearing Mike Barnicle talking about protecting pre-existing conditions. I’m hearing Mike Barnicle talking about letting your kids stay on your health care insurance until they’re 25 or 26 because some may not have a job and you want to protect them. I’m hearing about expanding health care coverage for millions and millions of Americans under ObamaCare. And you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking it’s sad that Mike Barnicle is leading our show off with a lot of Republican talking points."
BRZEZINSKI: "No. It’s not Republican talking points."
SCARBOROUGH: "The Republican talking points supporting Barack Obama, it makes me sad."
SCARBOROUGH: "Give me a break! What’s wrong with you people? You’re going up against Donald Trump and you’re talking about defending ObamaCare as Republican talking points? Who is advising you?"

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