McCarthy: Dems Want to Have Impeachment Without Saying the Word

‘The socialist Democrats have taken over’


McCARTHY: "They want to have impeachment without saying the word. Remember, Nadler, he is now chairman of Judiciary Committee. When he ran for that position, he gets elected by the Democratic Conference. You know what he said his number one qualification for becoming chairman was? Is that he would be the best during impeachment. This is something they wanted to do on the night of the election in 2016. And what else is driving this is the Democratic Party itself. They are in a spiral. The socialist Democrats have taken over. He watched last night, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They want to take away your freedoms but want to have a free-for-all at the border. Before he left Washington, you watched the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, surrender to the socialist AOC. And then just this week we watched internally the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have just fired all their top staff. They are in a spiral downward, because it’s an internal battle. The other reason there’s more impeachments coming forward? Because the justice Democrats, the socialist Democrats, are primarying all the other Democrats. They are taking this party over and they are winning."

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