VP Pence: Last Night’s Democratic Debate ‘Was Between Liberals and Socialists’

‘And that’s the Democratic Party today’

PENCE: "As we saw in last night's  debate, before the first hour was over, leading Democrats advocated a government takeover of healthcare, open borders, free healthcare to illegal immigrants and raising taxes on the middle class to pay for. 
(Crowd booing)
And before the night was over, all the leading Democrats argued for decriminalizing illegal immigration, the Green New Deal, gun control and abortion. But today, but today headlines across the country say the story last night was that moderates in the Democratic Party were pushing back in the debate. It's pretty amazing, what the media calls moderates these days. 
Last night's Democrat debate wasn't between moderates and liberals. It was between liberals and socialists, and that's the Democratic Party today."

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