Tom Cotton: No Apologizes, Zero Regrets for the Iran Letter

‘Rather than focus on how Republican senators feel, I wish President Obama would share our focus, which is stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb’

COTTON: "Rather than focus on how Republican senators feel, I wish President Obama would share our focus to stopping Iran from getting a nuclear bomb. The offer that he's put on the table right now according to his own words is very dangerous. It would put a sunset on a deal and would allow Iran to have uranium enrichment capabilities which means they would have the first and most important step towards a nuclear bomb."

HANNITY: "What part of the what the Iranian milos are saying that they want to wipe Israel off the map or what part of when they're burning American flags and taking American hostages and fighting proxy wars against our soldiers in Iraq or supporting Hezbollah and Hamas and other terror groups -- what part of that doesn't the president understand in that putting those weapons in their hands could lead to a modern-day holocaust? It seems like a very basic one plus one equals two equations. What is the message here?"

COTTON: "It is remarkable, Sean. If you look at what Iran is doing right now without a nuclear weapons and with sanctions having frozen tens of billions of dollars that they cannot access, it just makes you feel chills down your spine to think what they would do if they had a nuclear umbrella, and if they had all those billing the dollar's freed up to continue supporting Hezbollah, to support Shiite militants in Yemen, to continue to support Shiite militants in Iraq, to continue their drive for regional hegemony."

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