Devin Nunes: We Don’t Know Who Russians Were Colluding with Trump Campaign Because There Were None

‘That’s what we said two and a half years ago’


NUNES: "Well, first of all, it’s clear that Mueller didn’t write the report. And so who wrote the report? We think there were five or six lawyers involved. We’re still trying to get to bottom of that. I would say one of the main takeaways is that we still don’t have any Russians, right? We don’t know who the Russians were that supposedly, you know, colluded with the Trump campaign. Why? Because there were none, and that’s what we said two and a half years ago. There is evidence that the Democrats colluded with the Russians. We tried to get to the bottom of that but, clearly, Mueller is and his team of lawyers and 40 investigators and $40 million didn’t bother to look for those Russians. They were only looking for the Russians that were mysterious because they don’t exist and they never found them."

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