W.H.: ‘We’re More than Happy to Compare’ Our Econ Record to the Bush Admin’s

‘We’re gradually bringing to an end two wars that the previous administration got us into’

SIMAS: "In terms of the substance, look, here's the profound disagreement with Vice President Cheney. We're more than happy to compare the record of this administration over the past six years that inherited the worst economic crisis since the great depression and is down in the fifth year of record job creation, which is the fastest pace in this country's history. We've taken historic deficits and reduced them by two-thirds and we're gradually bringing to an end two wars that the previous administration got into. So here's where I will agree with vice president Cheney. If his critiques are on the merits, our critiques of what we walked into are on the merits, and let's have a debate on those grounds." 
CAMEROTA: "But do you take him at his word that none of the criticism that's been leveled at President Obama is race-based?"
SIMAS: "Look, I take vice president Cheney at his word in terms of his criticisms that he has leveled across the board. This is a great debate between two contrasting visions for this country, and frankly the House budget yesterday, which I assume Vice President Cheney supports whole-heartedly, reflects his vision. And so let's keep this debate in terms of our view of middle class economics and his view of trickle-down economics. That's where we'll have this debate."

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