Meghan McCain Confronts Adam Schiff: Where’s Your Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion?

‘You have been saying that on TV for years’


McCAIN: "Congressman, this is Meghan McCain. You have claimed for years now you have a smoking gun of evidence of collusion. Your quote is, 'ample evidence of collusion.' You said that. But Robert Mueller and his investigation found that there was no collusion. So can you share with us right here, right now on 'The View,' the evidence that you have and explain why Mueller was wrong yesterday?"
SCHIFF: "Well, first of all, Mueller wasn’t wrong. He started out by saying, 'We didn’t address the issue of collusion.' So those who are saying no collusion —"
McCAIN: "What’s your evidence? You have been saying that on TV for years."
SCHIFF: "I will tell you, and I have also been saying that the evidence is in plain sight, not hidden anywhere, and we went through that evidence.” 

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