Ralph Peters on Tunisia Attack: These Are the ‘Barbarians’ Marie Harf Wants To Give Jobs To

‘Tunisia has actually been a success story. Their democracy kind of sort of works, and the Islamic State and other Islamists cannot tolerate that’

PETERS: "Tunisia itself is a key target for Islamic state and other militants because ... despite some growing pains, [it] has actually been a success story. Their democracy kind of sort of works and Islamic state and others Islamists cannot tolerate them. They cannot tolerate democracy. They cannot tolerate a pluralistic government of any form ...

Tunisia has really been relying on the tourist industry for generations now. It's got wonderful beaches, great historical monuments dating from the Roman era. So by hitting this museum ... they hit the tourist trade, they hit the Tunisian democracy, and they get to destroy some artworks. These are the people we are facing. They are barbarians who Marie Harf wants to give jobs."

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