Mitchell: Bibi Victory Means Relationship with Obama Will Be ‘Even More Poisonous’

‘It also vindicates congressional Republican leaders for inviting him ... it has a big effect on America’

MITCHELL: "Good morning, Matt. Well, Netanyahu not only won, he won big ... What does that mean? Well, first of all, in the closing days of the campaign he amount against the creation of a Palestinian state. The celebration last night was veracious in his headquarters even before the votes were counted. They know what this means because he said he's against the Palestinian state. That is clear reversal of decades of Israeli commitments to the U.S., including Netanyahu's own commitment to President Obama.

Now this also means that the relationship with the President Obama is going to be even more poisonous because on the election day, Netanyahu appealed to his voters to come out saying that the Arab Israelis  were coming out in rows and he also said that foreign money from the U.S., from the State Department, was financing his opposition. That’s only going to make it even harder to get along with President Obama. It also vindicates Republican Congressional Leaders for inviting him to appear in Congress. And this is going to become a big issue for 2016 candidates, notably Hillary Clinton. So it has a big effect on America."


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