Mika to Richard Haass: How Long Is Netanyahu Going To ‘Shape’ Our Foreign Policy?

‘How long is Netanyahu going to impact our foreign policy, even shape it?’

BRZEZINSKI: "Let's talk Richard Haass about what that means for the United States given this negotiations with Iran and our own inner politics here that have been somewhat undermining to the president's relationship with Netanyahu. Some might ask how long is Netanyahu going to impact our foreign policy, even shape it?"

HAASS: "Well, again, I don't think the immediate repercussions are about the Palestinian issue because there is nothing going on there anyhow. The real issue will be Iran and that's what Netanyahu will focus on like a razor. And you have two deadlines, the end of March and the end of June. I think what he already has done is essentially set up a dynamic where he is going to try to conduct Israeli foreign policy not through the White House, but thorough the Congress. That was already in place and this will only reinforce that. That's why the most interesting dynamic will be between Israel and the Hill and between the Hill and the administration."

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