Trump in 2013: GOP Should ‘Play the Debt Ceiling Card,’ They Have ‘So Much Power’ But Don’t ‘Realize It’

‘They haven’t used it with great power’


TRUMP: "Well, I thought that, frankly, they should have made a deal originally with the debt ceiling, and I thought they had all the cards, and I really think that something very strange is going to happen with the debt ceiling. I think that Obama is going to call out his constitutional rights as he sees them, even though he's been advised that he doesn't have those rights. The debt ceiling is a very powerful weapon, but I thought it was more powerful before than it is now. But certainly it's a very powerful weapon. I just think that Obama is going to override it. I've been predicting that for a long time. And you know what, in six years, maybe they'll find out he didn't have the right to do it, but in the meantime he'll be playing golf, perhaps at Trump National on the Potomac

(Via PJ Media)

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