FBI Director Says ‘Majority of Domestic Terrorism’ Is White Supremacist-Related

‘100 arrests in the international terrorism side, which includes home grown violent extremism’


WRAY: “Well, in terms of number of arrests, we have through the third quarter of this fiscal year had about, give or take, 100 arrests in the international terrorism side, which includes the homegrown violent extremism.”
DURBIN: “This year?”
WRAY: “This year. But we also had just about the same number — again, don’t quote me to the exact digit, on the domestic terrorism side. And I will say that a majority of the domestic terrorism cases that we’ve investigated are motivated by some version of what you might call white supremacist violence, but it includes other things as well.”
DURBIN: “I think this is significant. I do not want to diminish the work you’re doing when it comes to the homegrown domestic terrorism anyway whatsoever, not at all. And I understand that is a serious threat to the United States. 9/11 is proof positive of that fact.”

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