Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Will Get Primaried Over Racist Tweets ‘If He Keeps Going Down this Path’

‘I do not believe he is a racist but if you go to talk in that way … it’s sending the wrong message to the United States’


SCARAMUCCI: “Is a wake-up call but again, is not just me and so people can pretend it is me. You know Washington better than I do. But there’s a ton of people inside the Congress and feel the exact same way all Republicans, there are a ton of donors are filled exact same ip maybe there are people that don’t feel that way but the president has a 45 percent approval rating right now. Maybe it is 50. If you break off five percent better eight percent of that, it’s going to be very bad news for the present. I like Tom Friedman a lot he does a great job of defending the present but in a case like this is actually indefensible. I feel better and he’s actually in a position like is making pretzels at an auntie Anne’s in the shopping mall. It’s bad for his reputation in the presidents reputation.”

(Via Mediaite)

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