Cheney: Dems ‘Advocating Policies that Will Destroy this Nation’

‘The news media, you included, ought to cover the substance’


MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you agreeing with the President or disagreeing with him? Because I'm not clear.

REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: The President has absolutely said that they should not have chanted "Send her back." Our concern and our opposition to what these women are saying, and many other members of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives, has to do with the fact that they are advocating policies that will destroy this nation and we will fight against it. And I think the news media, you included, ought to cover the substance. And I think it is outrageous for you to say the President doesn't talk about substance. Every single day, you can look at the evidence, you can look at the fact that this nation is stronger than-- than it has probably ever been. You can look at what the President's policies have done on economic growth.


REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: But you don't want to talk about that. So I do think that it would behoove you--

MARGARET BRENNAN: We would love to talk about that, and the President has talked to us about that.

REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: You have every opportunity, every single day, you have an opportunity--

MARGARET BRENNAN: The President this morning tweeted that they don't love their country.

REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: You've made that point, Margaret, yes.

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