Cheney on Dems’ ‘Socialist’ Agenda: ‘We’re Going to Take Every Opportunity to Make Sure the American People’

‘They need to defend those policy positions’


MARGARET BRENNAN: Canada's prime minister said the comments made were "hurtful, wrong, completely unacceptable." Germany's chancellor said these sentiments are in opposition to her impressions about the U.S. and she expressed solidarity in her words "with the attacked women." The prime minister of the U.K. issued a statement condemning this, of New Zealand. These aren't members of the media, these are world leaders. Should Americans find the comments from the President acceptable?

REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: Margaret, listen, I know you want to continue to talk about this as though it had to do with race. I know you want to continue to talk about it, as though it had--

MARGARET BRENNAN: You think all those world leaders--

REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: Margaret, I just let you-- I just let you--

MARGARET BRENNAN: --misunderstood everything?

REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: Look, I don't think the American people are going to look to foreign leaders to tell us who should lead the nation. They are not going to look to foreign leaders to tell us whether or not we should be a socialist country. Thank goodness, we won't do that. We depend upon those people who are elected. And I think that when you see the-- the Democratic members of Congress standing up and saying that they want to, you know, that-- that we have--


REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: --concentration camps on our borders, that they want to provide free health care for illegal immigrants, that they want to--


REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: --end private health insurance, that they want to impose socialism on this country, they need to defend those policy positions and we are going to take every opportunity to make sure the American people, who are the ones that are going to make this choice--


REPRESENTATIVE LIZ CHENEY: --come November 2020, recognize the fundamental choice that we're all facing.

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